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E-News for 3/29/2018

Progress Reports Now Av. for Grades 1-5
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LAST CALL – Dr. Priolo Seeking Parents to Serve as Middle and High School Transition Ambassadors
One of the primary points of focus for this year’s Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is enhancing the support provided to parents, teachers, and students during transitions to middle and high schools. One of the initiatives to be borne out of these discussions is the creation of a Parent Ambassador Program, whereby parents of students with special needs that have experienced an elementary to middle and/or middle to high school transition with their child are connected with parents of children with special needs that will be entering either grade 6 or grade 9 in the fall. Think of this as a contact you can have to ask questions for which you prefer the perspective of a parent or guardian who has experienced all of the ins and outs associated with the transition to middle and/or high school, like, “What’s Rec Hall really like?” and, “How can I help prepare my son/daughter to navigate socially in high school?”

As an initial step, please complete this form by April 6 if you are interested in learning more about being a Parent Ambassador – attending the information session in no way obliges you to formally participate in the program. Those who complete the form will receive notice of date and time of the info session.

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